Studland Village Profile

The Village:

Studland is a dispersed village covering a large geographical area in relation to its population. There are approximately 450 residents of which about 60 are children, who attend school in Swanage, Wareham, or Bournemouth.

There is a diverse social profile with some residents born and bred in the village and others resident for many years, and some who have arrived recently. There is a significant number of affluent residents, some with their second home in Studland, but also many on low incomes.  Local employment is largely with the National Trust, tourism and agriculture; many residents work in Poole, Bournemouth, or elsewhere in Purbeck.

Despite the geographical dispersion and the social diversity, there is a strong sense of community in the village.  A new village hall was built in 2005 after a long fund-raising campaign. The new hall is widely used for both sporting and social activities and is equipped to a high standard.

Studland is set amid particularly beautiful countryside and coastline. The National Trust is a significant local presence and is involved in the upkeep of the village in addition to the beach and maintenance of the nationally important heathland reserve.  There is a village shop and post office which plays an important part in the life of the village. There are two hotels and a pub. The village and Studland beach attract many thousands of visitors each year.

The Church and Congregation:

St Nicholas’ is a beautiful Norman Church listed in Simon Jenkins’ “Thousand Best English Churches”. It is set in an ancient churchyard which is of great interest to the Dorset Wildlife Trust.  The small Church Hall is used by the church and village organisations

There is a small but committed congregation and the Church fills at festivals.  There is a modest but enthusiastic choir and able organist.  The electoral roll has 96 members of which 25 are non-resident. There is also a significant number of people who attend the church when visiting their holiday homes, of which there are about 50 in the village.

Ministry and Worship:

A resident, non-stipendiary priest, Tony Higgins, shares pastoral and liturgical ministries with the Team clergy and lay ministers.  There is a mixture of BCP and Common Worship with a weekly Sunday morning service at 9.45 and additional services at special seasons.  In 2009 there were xx baptisms, xx weddings and xx funerals.


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